General odontology
Aesthetic dentistry
Oral and maxillofacial surgery
Dental implants
Oral rehabilitation

General odontology

We specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all oral health-related issues, encompassing teeth, muscles, and all associated structures, aiming to restore lost function.

Our services:

  • Light-curing resin fillings
  • Ceramic and ceromer inlays and onlays
  • Glass ionomer inlays and onlays
  • Simple extractions
  • Bruxism plates
  • Prophylaxis
  • Detartration
  • Fluoride application
  • Pit and fissure sealants
  • Plaque control
  • Promotion and prevention of dental diseases, with a focus on educating patients about oral hygiene, including the proper use of toothbrushes and dental floss.

Aesthetic dentistry

We work to beautify smiles, harmonizing the shape, texture and color of the teeth, achieving symmetry between lips, teeth and face in general. Our different treatments will make you look a beautiful smile.

Our services:


  • Smile design: At our clinic, we offer various treatments tailored to each patient's needs to create your dream smile. Smile design is unique for each individual and may involve a combination of treatments, such as orthodontics, veneer design, and teeth whitening.
  • Dental veneers: This treatment is among the most sought-after at our clinic because it offers a rapid and effective way to significantly enhance the appearance of your teeth. Veneers allow you to achieve your desired dental aesthetics in a short period. With veneers, you can enhance teeth that you may not be entirely satisfied with due to issues like color, shape, size, or position, correcting concerns like crooked teeth, fractures, gaps (diastemas), discolorations, irregularities, or wear.

Thanks to veneers, you can improve teeth with which you are not completely satisfied due to their color, shape, size or position, being able to correct defects such as crooked, broken, separated teeth (diastemas), with stains, irregularities and/or or worn.


We offer various types of veneers to suit your needs, timeline, and budget:


  • Ceramic veneers: These are known for their superior quality and durability, with thickness ranging from 0.3 to 1 millimeter, depending on the case and desired results. Depending on the tooth where the veneer is placed, it may require minimal preparation, although this is not always necessary.
  • Resin (composite) veneers: These also provide excellent esthetic results but are generally less durable than ceramic veneers due to the material they are made from. For this reason, resin veneers are recommended for simpler corrections and for younger patients. There are two types of resin veneers:
  1. Direct resin veneers: These are applied during the same appointment using highly esthetic resin, delivering significant improvements in a short amount of time. It's a very conservative and rapid technique.
  2. Indirect resin veneers: These are crafted by a laboratory, allowing for better control over the process and offering longer-lasting results compared to direct resin veneers.
  • Metal-free crowns (Zirconium and porcelain).
  • Micro Smile Design: This is considered an ultra-conservative smile design, focusing on correcting small imperfections of the teeth. It is performed only on the edges of the teeth to make subtle modifications without compromising the natural look of the tooth. This treatment is perfect for those who prefer minimal changes in their mouth. It's an excellent option for individuals who have completed orthodontic treatment and only need minor adjustments or for those who notice slight irregularities at the edges of their teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening: We offer fast, safe, and effective methods to whiten the color of one or more teeth without altering their fundamental structure. Our whitening options include:
  • LED light whitening
  • Bleaching with trays
  • Combined whitening
  • Tooth whitening
  • Change of gray shims (amalgam) for white (resin).


It is responsible for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases (gum, alveolar bone). We carry out the treatment, monitoring and prevention, to help you keep your teeth as long as possible in your mouth.

Our services:

  • Removal of supragingival and subgingival calculus (root planing).
  • Gingivoplasty and/or gingivectomy (gum trimming).
  • Bone injert.
  • Gingival graft.
  • Crown lengthening.
  • Mucogingival surgery.


Endodontics is the treatment related to the dental pulp (nerve) and the root of the tooth, when there is damage to the nerve by decay, fractures or trauma, which can cause severe pain and other complications.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Single-root, bi-radicular and multi-root canal (dental nerve) treatment.
  • Apical surgery.
  • Apicoectomy.
  • Apexogenesis and apexification.
  • Non-vital whitening for teeth with color change (dark tooth).

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgery addresses diseases of the mouth, jaw, head and neck that require surgical intervention. Here you will find staff trained in wisdom tooth extraction and other complex oral procedures.

Our services:

  • Management of Impacted Teeth and/or included as Third Molars (wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth).
  • Extraction of supernumerary teeth.
  • Bichectomy.

Dental implants

A dental implant is a titanium device designed as a root to replace a missing tooth. These are surgically placed in the jaws, and serve as supports to stabilize replacement crowns or dentures. In cases where bone is missing to support the implants, tissue and bone grafts are placed to support them.

The objective of dental implants is to recover the function of lost teeth in a safe, aesthetic and comfortable way. So far it is the best treatment that exists to replace one or more lost teeth.

With technological advances and 3D diagnostic aids (tomography), it is a very simple procedure with little to no disability.


Advantages of dental implants:

– They do not sacrifice the dental structure of the adjacent teeth as in the cases of dental bridges where it is necessary to wear down the neighboring teeth to support the dental prosthesis.
– With titanium implants you can support a fixed tooth bridge and eliminate the need for a removable removable prosthesis to put on and take off.
– They allow you to speak and eat again with confidence.
– They are fixed, and look and feel like your own natural teeth.
– Prevent bone loss and gum recession that often accompany bridges and dentures.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Single dental implants.
  • Bridge on dental implants.
  • Overdenture (removable total prosthesis on implants).
  • Hybrid prosthesis (fixed total prosthesis on implants).


It’s responsible for correcting the position of the teeth in order to improve aesthetics and functionality, as well as smile and facial harmony. We offer innovative, conventional and invisible treatments.

Our services:

  • Brackets:
  1. Conventional: it is the way most used by orthodontists to straighten teeth, it is the traditional metal bracket.
  2. Sapphire: it is an aesthetic way to achieve the alignment of your teeth. We use a new material called sapphire, which thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, allows light to pass through and adapts to the color of your tooth regardless of whether your tooth is yellow or white, being almost imperceptible.
  3. Self-ligating: it is an efficient way to achieve the alignment of your teeth with braces, they have a special technology presenting a gate that reduces friction and therefore treatment times.


  • Aligners:

Aligners are the latest in orthodontic technology, they are about straightening teeth without using braces, eliminating all the discomfort and annoyance that they can bring.

The aligners are completely personalized, and depending on the severity of your case, the time and number of plates. It all starts with some radiographic studies and a 3D imaging study that is carried out in one of our allied centers, where you can view, through a projection, your teeth from the initial position to the final result.


Advantages of Aligners:

– They are invisible (literally they are transparent), you achieve maximum aesthetics.

– Better hygiene, since you can remove them to brush your teeth and floss.

– Faster treatments: since an accurate projection of how many aligners you need is made thanks to our software, and you can know how long your treatment takes.

– If you live outside of Colombia you can take the treatment and have periodic appointments to evaluate your progress.

– Functional and orthopedic appliances in children and adolescents, in order to direct or redirect bone growth, helping to correct growth and maturation problems of orofacial structures, as well as all forms of malocclusion of the teeth.

Oral rehabilitation

Oral Rehabilitation is the recovery or replacement of lost teeth or teeth in poor condition, by means of different techniques and treatments, from fixed prostheses (crowns, bridges) to removable prostheses.

We will be in charge of giving you the best advice and providing you with the most appropriate treatment based on your needs.

Our services:

  • Fixed prostheses:
  1. Metal ceramic crowns.
  2. Metal-free crowns (Zirconium and porcelain).
  3. Crowns on implants.
  4. Bridges on natural teeth.
  5. Bridge on dental implants.
  6. Hybrid prosthesis (fixed total prosthesis on implants).
  • Removable prosthesis:
  1. Flexible prostheses.
  2. High impact total prostheses.
  3. Overdenture (removable total prosthesis on implants).