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Frequently asked questions

  • How long do dental veneers last?

    This depends on the type of material with which the veneer is made, and the patient's hygiene and care habits. A ceramic veneer can last up to 15 years, an indirect resin veneer up to 7 years, and a direct resin veneer up to 5 years.

  • When are dental veneers recommended?

    When you are not satisfied with the color, size, shape and/or position of your teeth, you do not want to undergo a long treatment, and/or you need a quick solution.

  • How long does orthodontic treatment normally last?

    This depends on the diagnosis of each patient and the severity of the bite to be treated, but there are also other variables that can affect treatment time, such as: dental loss, very crooked teeth, skeletal problems and atypical bites.

  • Does whitening hurt?

    Teeth whitening generally does not hurt, but some people may experience some sensitivity. If you think you have hypersensitivity, tell us and we will provide you with a solution so that you have the best experience with your treatment.

Logistics (patients traveling from abroad):

  • Can you explain the airport welcome service?

    Our driver will warmly welcome you at the airport, guaranteeing you a smooth journey to your accommodation.

  • What does “Comprehensive Transportation” mean?

    We cover transfers from the airport to the accommodation, from there to the dental office and from your accommodation to the airport

  • Can you tell us more about this premium apartment accommodation?

    Complement your stay in the city of Medellin with a furnished, comfortable and carefully organized apartment 20 minutes from the dental office.